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Psoriasis Psoriasis Juchheim effect cosmetic Katja-Ladentin-Mainzpsoriasis or Psoriasis (Old Greek ψωρίασις; equated in antiquity with the ψώρα psóra "scabies") is a non-contagious autoimmune disease that manifests itself primarily as an inflammatory skin disease (dermatosis), moreover as a systemic disease that often affects other organs affects the joints and associated ligaments and adjacent soft tissues (-> psoriatic arthritis), the eyes (-> uveitis), the vascular system, the heart and the genitals. In addition, it can be associated with diabetes mellitus and strokes; it shows itself mainly through very scaly patches of skin, often z. B. on the knees, elbows and scalp, often with severe itching and changes in the nails.

Worldwide, about 125 millions suffer, in Germany about two million people suffering from the disease (2013); it occurs at any age, but mostly in the 2. to 3. Decade of life (type I), more rarely from the 5. Decade of life (Type II). The etiology is probably multifactorial (hereditary disposition, autoimmune reaction) and has not been conclusively clarified.

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So much of Wikipedia on the subject. The above photo shows how the ByeBye 4 ALL - CannaPur cream by Dr. med. Juchheim has helped and may also help other people. How that works, I can explain in a personal conversation. Contact below+ 49 163 8540514

ByeBye 4 All CannaPur Proactive Wound Protector Cream with frankincense and cannabidiol was specially developed for dry, stressed and irritated skin. The innovative formula helps to quickly soothe even strained skin, to smooth and to give a velvety skin feeling.

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